About Us

This web site is maintained for the community of the Penparcau ward by Penparcau Community Forum.

Our vision for Penparcau is:

  • To create a vibrant inclusive community where people can feel safe and proud to be living or working within the village.

Our main aims are:

  • To enable Penparcau residents and organisations to take full advantage of funding and resources available to the area
  • To bring individuals, groups and organisations together to determine the long-term needs of Penparcau.
  • To be an enabling body to directly fund specific projects in the area.
  • All of the above is underpinned through the values and principles of Community Development as contained within the CDNOS…..the Community Development National Occupational Standards

We are a community based, community development organisation for the facilitation, planning and organisation of events and activities within and across the community of Penparcau. Our work is based upon the values and principles of community development detailed within the Community Development National Occupational Standards (CDNOS). We seek to raise the profile of the village, encourage community engagement, develop community cohesion, promote social inclusion and improve the facilities and amenities of Penparcau.

We are building a strong and inclusive team of community volunteers. We all have individual skills and talents to make a positive contribution, join us and help with a wide variety of roles and tasks, big or small. If you are interested, call in or ring the office on 01970 611099.