Local Conversations

Penparcau Community Forum has been supporting a Local Conversation in Penparcau since 2014.

The Local Conversation brings residents together to improve their neighbourhood in ways that can ultimately improve their health, such as increasing opportunities for local people to connect and socialise, ensuring a clean and safe environment, access to fair work, education and good housing, and building a local economy that works for them.

The Local Conversation supports residents to develop a shared vision for their community and take action on issues that matter most to them. Anyone who lives in Penparcau can get involved.

The current community priorities are:

  • Environment
  • Education and Skills
  • Young People

If you are from Penparcau, we think that you will know:

  • What the community does well
  • What is needed to make things better
  • How to make change happen in your community

With that in mind, we would love for you to get involved in the Local Conversation so why not email: Conversations@penparcau.cymru for more information on how you can be a part of making some key decisions on improving the area that we live in.

You can also visit our Penparcau Local Conversations Facebook page by clicking here:


About the Local Conversations Programme

Local Conversations is a People’s Health Trust initiative which involves supporting residents to develop a shared vision for their community and take local action on issues that matter to them.

Find out more about the Local Conversations programme here

People’s Health Trust is an independent charity investing in local neighbourhoods to help create a society without health inequalities. It works closely with each of the regional and country lotteries raising money through The Health Lottery and distributes grants.


The Local Conversation in Penparcau is funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by Health Lottery Wales.

How the Local Conversations programme works

An initial grant supports a local lead organisation to work with a neighbourhood in order to identify local priorities through engagement. When they have been established by the residents, a full grant follows that helps them to address local needs and aspirations through engagement activities, action, events and activities. Further top-up funding is awarded dependent on progress made. The Trust intends to fund each Local Conversation for at least six to eight years.

Principles of the Local Conversations programme

  • Control – communities shaping the activities
  • Connecting – communities feel greater social connections
  • Contribution – communities feel that they are making their neighbourhood a better place to live
  • Evaluable – we must be able to understand the impact
  • Collaboration – working together and sharing learning


If you have any questions about Local Conversations, you can send an email to enquiries@peopleshealthtrust.org.uk or you can call on 020 7749 9100.