Local Conversations

People’s Health Trust is committed to being a local people-led funder. This means we wish to engage with local communities over the longer term, so that they can determine how and when the money is best spent within their local area to make it an even better place to grow, live, work and age.

Local Conversations is a flexible funding model which is led by what local people want.

Local people know their local communities best. They know:

  • What the community does well
  • What is needed to make things even better
  • Where and when it is needed
  • How to make change happen in their communities.

We believe that communities coming together and having genuine control over how, where and when money is committed is one important way to distribute funds. It places local people at the heart of local plans, rather than local people having to fit into a funder’s plans.

We are currently funding 20 Local Conversations across England, Scotland and Wales. To participate in the Local Conversations programme, applicant neighbourhoods needed to:

  • Have a defined population of around 4,000 people
  • Fall within the 0-30% range of English, Scottish or Welsh Indices of Multiple Deprivation
  • Have a local community organisation which is:
    • Known by local residents;
    • Understands the concepts of collective control leading to reduced health inequalities;
    • Has the ability to bring people together to create stronger links and ties Trust’s to addressing health inequalities;
    • Has the skills and capacity to lead the Local Conversation.

The Local Conversations programme aims to fulfil the Trust’s vision of reducing health inequalities by supporting neighbourhoods to go through a process of deep engagement and come up with their own locally determined ideas.


There are currently 20 live Local Conversations projects spread spread across Great Britain, some of which have been in place since 2014. The neighbourhoods involved in the programme are all within the 30 per cent most disadvantaged areas of Great Britain.

How the Local Conversations programme works

An initial grant supports a local lead organisation to work with a neighbourhood in order to identify local priorities through engagement. When they have been established by the residents, a full grant follows that helps them to address local needs and aspirations through engagement activities, action, events and activities. Further top-up funding is awarded dependent on progress made. The Trust intends to fund each Local Conversation for at least six to eight years.

Principles of the Local Conversations programme

  • Control – communities shaping the activities
  • Connecting – communities feel greater social connections
  • Contribution – communities feel that they are making their neighbourhood a better place to live
  • Evaluable – we must be able to understand the impact
  • Collaboration – working together and sharing learning

Local Conversations in Penparcau

Penparcau Community Forum has been delivering a Local Conversation in Penparcau since 2014, supporting local residents to identify actions and activities that address the following priorities:

  • Youth and Education
  • Community Transport
  • Environment
  • Community Hub

These priorities were agreed with residents as part of the development of the Local Conversation Project. The Youth Forum is leading activities for young people and administering a small grants programme.

If you have any questions about Local Conversations, you can send an email to enquiries@peopleshealthtrust.org.uk or you can call on 020 7749 9100.


We hope that you are all keeping well and safe.  The team here at Penparcau Community Hub have been very busy supporting vulnerable and isolated members of the Community and  have now established Penparcau Action Team (PAT) so that we can work remotely and still keep services going as best we can. We thought we would give you an outline of what PAT will be doing

PAT is a coordinated Hub volunteer community group working in support of and in partnership with the Ystwyth Medical Group, Padarn Surgery and St Ann’s Church providing logistical, organised and controlled priority community support during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Under the direction of Ystwyth Medical Group practice manager, we are now delivering a daily support service that targets the most medically vulnerable within the Penparcau community.  We also support St Ann’s church providing them with a much needed delivery service to distribute some food supplies.

A team is despatched daily from the Penparcau Community Hub in our minibus and we have established a morning, lunchtime and teatime delivery service. The main priority must be that of achieving a reliable support system for the community to help counter the Coronavirus pandemic.

Routine is essential, and for the success and sustainable control of PAT we must understand that we are not an emergency service, nor a home help or care group but will provide the vulnerable in the community with support for prescription collections and the occasional drop-and-go service.

During difficult and uncertain times, we can rely on the good within the community to respond and stand tall and support those most in need. PAT aims to provide that hand of support and we are now operating a 7-days a week service with 4 volunteers operating the morning shift and 4 volunteers operating the afternoon shift. The office is also open from 09:00 – 15:00 daily to receive phone calls only.  This should provide the community with a vital point of contact where they can receive information, support and direction from our informed Hub staff and volunteers.  Please ring 01970 611099 during those times.

In the meantime stay safe – keep washing those hands!

Karen Rees Roberts (Forum Manager)