4th June

Penparcau Planting Project is feeling very excited about starting this new project. We plan to enable Penparcau residents to grow their own food however small a space they may have with the help of Penparcau Community Forum.

We will be creating a space to grow different vegetables, fruit and herb seedlings to distribute out to the community. We hope many people will become involved and we can make this into a sustainable community food growing project. We plan to regenerate seeds so we can organise seed swops/exchanges each year.

We plan to record our progress on this page and see your wonderful seeds become food.

More information is to follow but if you would like to be involved or ask any questions please email conversations@penparcau.cymru.


16th June

The eight planters in Penparcau are planted and they are looking beautiful, a huge thank-you to residents who are keeping an eye on them for us.

The Hub garden is taking shape and we have herbs, vegetables and hanging baskets growing there.

We are working with West Wales housing to paint and plant the planters on Cae Job so a huge thank-you to Rhiannon Ling and resident Johanna Taylor taking the lead on this.

A big thanks to Karen Roberts (Hub manager) for her huge donation of compost, Morrison’s for their wonderful donation of flowers, Katie Jones for her kind donation of a water butt, Gweneira Raw Rees & Charlie Kingsbury for helping us with the council donation of flowers, and all the Penparcau residents for your wonderful feedback and volunteering to help when lockdown is over.

22nd June

The Hub Garden is coming on a treat and thanks to many Local Conversations we have received lots of local donations.

A big thanks to local resident John McTavish and his daughter Janet for his wonderful array of tomatoes and nasturtiums, Dylan & Rhian Jones for their beautiful nasturtiums and sunflowers and the wonderful feedback we have received saying that’s it has boosted the village morale.

We have a new addition to the garden, our wind chime owl. Local boy Tomos aged 3 has been enjoying watching the garden grow and visits most days so it was only apt he named the Owl and Tomos has named him ‘Steve’ so have a look out for Steve the Owl on the tree next time your walking by.

Another local family really enjoying the space is Betsy and Freddie. Their mum said it is their favourite place to visit now and we are so pleased we are able to offer this lovely space at the Hub. We thank them for the kind donation of Parsley, Basil, Beetroot and peppers and also to Jan & Phil Thomas for the tree decorations.

So again a big thank-you to all who pass by and stop for a chat, we have met so many new people doing this project and cannot wait to get more families in Penparcau growing.


27th June

Penparcau Planting Project is celebrating community projects in Cae Job.

Today was the start of Cae Job having the access to grow their own food using old disused planters on the estate. Working in partnership with the residents and West Wales Housing Rhiannon Ling, Penparcau Planting Project at the Hub is helping Cae Job become a community food growing program. Local residents Johanna Taylor and Karen Hughes are going to lead this fantastic community project and all the residents will have a say of what they want to grow.

The planting project will be helping them paint, dig out and plant vegetable, herbs and flowers in the seven planters.

A huge thank-you to Karl Hughes and Jon Evans for facilitating the move of the planters today, despite getting soaked they managed to move them all.

Another huge thank-you to Len Loveridge of LPL Property Maintenance and Clearance for volunteering to dig out the planters, you did a fantastic job.

A big thank-you to Rhiannon Ling for funding the project, Penparcau Community Forum and all the residents who are supporting this fantastic community food growing project.

If you would like to help in anyway please join our page or Penparcau Conversations for further updates or email conversations@penparcau.cymru