Since volunteering with the Forum, I have been able to get out and meet new people. Not just that but it has built up my confidence and reduced my anxiety to point where now I can just leave the house where it used to take me an hour or two with my anxiety.The Forum hasn’t just helped me but it has also given my 3 daughters more confidence. My 12 year old has more friends and has come out of shell. Also, my 9 year old also has a lot of lovely friends and fantastic confidence. Most of all my 4 year old daughter has improved so much since we have been involved. All in all, the Forum and the team have given me a single mother the courage and the strength to become a stronger person for the better.
Sam Lewis, Volunteer at Penparcau Community Forum

Want to Volunteer?

Please get in touch if you are looking to volunteer with Penparcau Community Forum.
We are specifically looking for volunteers for the following roles at the moment:

Cafe Volunteers
Web/IT Volunteers
Youth Worker Volunteers (in particular male volunteers)
Handyman/woman to make/fix things as required


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