Chloe Griffiths, a keen BeeWalker and Penparcau resident has recently had an article published on the Bumble Bee Conversation site on improving bumblebee recording data and local pollinator habitat.

“In our village of Penparcau on the west coast of Wales, volunteers have been taking part in the BeeWalk survey for three years. Volunteers who wished to do something to help our bees, received training from staff at the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, and now carry out this BeeWalk on a hill in our area called Pen Dinas. The gorse-covered Iron-age hillfort, with a Bronze-age burial mound at the peak, is a local hotspot for bumblebees, and they can often be found nectaring on a selection of flowers from willow to bramble. The BeeWalk has become a popular survey with local people of all ages, including one baby who was enchanted to hold a pot with a bumblebee in it and watch it clambering about!”*

*to read more please follow the link at the bottom of the page.